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WMCI Will Develop You Into a Construction
Professional Through:

Industry expert staff members
A great balance of hands-on and classroom instruction, accredited by the National Center for Construction Education & Research
Brand-new facilities and construction labs

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Start a rewarding career in commercial construction

Your future begins here. Have a career in a field that enables you to make the most of your skills, to see the results you want, and to live the happy and fulfilling life you deserve.

Become a true industry professional, and immediately enter your chosen field equipped with:

Hands-on skills • Industry-specific education • Nationally recognized certifications • Immediate employment opportunities

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Construction professionals are highly sought after in the job market

The West Michigan construction industry is continuing to grow. As the workforce is becoming smaller, the demand for skilled tradespeople is only growing, meaning an abundance of job opportunities.

Together, we have an opportunity to take control of the trades industry, and transform it into one full of skilled, successful workers. When you step up and start your career in commercial construction, you’re not only setting yourself up for a great future, you’re supporting an industry that is the backbone of all communities.

The Time for a Construction Career is Now.

The Power of NCCER Accreditation for Your Career

WMCI’s programs are accredited by the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER), meaning that when you earn a certification from WMCI, it is a nationally portable credential.

No matter where you end up during your construction career, you’ll have the certification and recognition of your skills and education.

Build a Career With Limitless Growth Opportunities

Starting a career in construction will position you to thrive in a wide variety of jobs.

Every day of work will present new challenges, experiences, and opportunities.

You’ll be able to choose what your career will look like, from industry to specialty, to job title, to career path. There’s no narrowly-defined path to success—you’ll be in charge of where you go.

A Community Where You Belong

Construction is the backbone of all communities. Without it, we wouldn’t have roofs over our heads, office space for our businesses, or locations for our favorite shops and restaurants.

When you become a construction professional, you’ll create places for people to live, shop, eat, work, and more.

The work you do will be enjoyed by your community for decades to come, bringing you a rewarding feeling of pride and satisfaction.

Study in a Brand New Facility

Completed in January 2022, the institute features state-of-the-art construction labs for hands-on learning, ample classrooms, and community areas for students to gather and get to know each other. Take a look inside with a few photos from the open house celebrating the West Michigan supporters and construction experts that built the facility. Want to see it in-person? Contact us here to learn more and schedule a facility tour!

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